Youth Policies

The Y is designed for the enjoyment and development of children of all ages. We want your kids to enjoy using the Y and get the most out of their time at our facility. We’ve developed the following policies to make sure that all our member’s needs are considered and we are able to keep everyone safe.It is our goal that children participate in activities that are age appropriate and safe, therefore we ask that
children are supervised based on the following guidelines:


Youth 9 and under must do a swim test and be supervised in the locker rooms. Children who pass the swim test must have a parent or guardian on the pool deck at all times.
Children who do not pass the swim test must be accompanied in the water at all times by a parent or guardian over 16 years of age. Parents MUST accompany their child while changing in the locker rooms.


Youth 10 and under must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian at all times unless a child is enrolled in a class or childcare program. Children may be in the pool alone but
a parent/guardian must be on deck. Children ages 10 & under are not allowed in the Fitness Center.

YOUTH AGE 11 – 13:

Youth 11-13 may use the basketball courts & be in the pool alone without a parent/guardian on deck or in the court but parent/guardian must be in the facility. Children must be directly supervised while in the Fitness Center.

YOUTH AGE 14 – 18:

Youth 14 – 18 may be unsupervised while at the facility.


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