Waves Swim Team

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The WAVES Swim Team is designed to be  a learning team for children ages 6—18 to work  on stroke development, competitive skills, and increased strength and endurance while having fun!  All skill levels are encouraged to participate. The Waves team participates in YMCA swim meets around the state. Swim team members must also be members of the Y while they are on the team and are also responsible for purchasing their  own team suits and caps. Here is a link to the team store on SwimOutlet.com

Registration is open until December 1st.


Swimmers should be able to comfortably swim 25 yards each of the front crawl and back stroke, or have coach’s permission to participate.  They must also be able to put their face in the water and go underwater.

Practice Groups
We provide a price break for families with multiple swimmers—just ask!
Scholarships and Payment Plans are also available.

Group 1

Practices are held twice a week.  Swimmers must be able to swim one length of pool, plus put face in water and swim underwater.  Swimmers will work on body balance, long and short axis rotation, swimmers’ posture, streamline position in turns, body dolphin, stroke technique, and starts.

Fee: $200
New Swimmers: $100

Group 2

Practices are held at least three times during the week.  Swimmers will have achieved technique and speed in at least 2 strokes and are ready for more strenuous conditioning.  Skilled at backstroke, freestyle, body dolphin, breast stroke, basic arm and leg motion, and timing.  Swimmers will work on stroke development, starts, turns, and aerobic/interval conditioning.

Fee: $250

Group 3

Practices are held four to fives times during the week.   Swimmers are proficient in all 4 strokes, plus starts, and turns, and are ready for intense conditioning and weight/flexibility training. Attitude is key: need to be committed to putting in an effort and performing quality workouts.

Fee: $300
High School Swimmers: $250

For more information, contact the Y at (207)564-7111