Swim Lessons


Learn to Swim!  It’s fun, exciting and, above all, our pool is a safe place to build confidence and self esteem. Swimmers of any age can learn skills that will last a lifetime! Pricing is per 6-week class. Program Fees: $70 or $35 for Y Members


Aquatic Sessions for 2020

(For Swim Lessons & Water Wellness Classes)

Session         Dates                  Registration Opens       Closes  
Winter            Jan 6 – Feb 15              Dec 23                      Jan 2
Spring I          Feb 24 – Apr 4              Feb 10                     Feb 20
Spring II         Apr 13 – May 23          Mar 30                    Apr 9
Summer I       June 1 – July 11            May 18                   May 28
Summer II     July 20 – Aug 29            July 6                      July 16

Swim Lesson Brochure: 2019SwimLessonBrochure

Swim Lesson Converter Chart: Swim lesson quick converter


Swim Starters (Ages 3 months to 3 years old)



Preschool Lessons (Ages 3 to 5 years old) in order of progression



Youth Lessons (Ages 6 to 12 years old) in order of progression



Home School Swim Lessons

Home School Lessons.jpg


Private Swim Lessons



Adult Swim Lessons

Adults can learn to swim at the Y too! Our staff can teach you the basics so you’re comfortable in the water, or help you refine your technique whatever your goals may be.  Individual or group lessons are available depending upon schedule, demand, and staff availability. Ask at the Welcome Center for more information.

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