Swim Lessons

SwimLessons1 Learn to Swim!  It’s fun, exciting and, above all, our pool is a safe place to build confidence and self esteem. Swimmers of any age can learn skills that will last a lifetime! Pricing is per 6-week class with prorating per week available. Check with the Welcome Center for the next session of swim lessons.

Aquatic Sessions for 2018-2019
For Swim Lessons & Water Wellness Classes

Session               Dates                                 Registration
Fall I                    Sept 10-Oct 20                      August 27
Fall II                  Nov 5-Dec 15                        October 22
Winter                Jan 7-Feb 16                          December 24
Spring I              Feb 25 -April 6                      February 11
Spring II            April 22-June 1                      April 8
Summer I           June 10-July 20                     May 27
Summer II         July 22-Aug 31                       July 8

We have youth swim lessons on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. 

Parent & Me 3 to 5 Years Old 6 and up Adult Lessons

Parent and Me Swim

SwimLessons3 For the infant/toddler to acclimate to the water. A swim diaper is required for those not potty trained. Age 3mos +

The Y now sells swim diapers at the Welcome Center for $2.00!

Program Fees: $60 or $30 for Y Members


Lessons for 3 to 5 year old’s in order of progression

SwimLessons1 PIKE: This class helps kids develop safe pool behavior and develop independent movement in the water. It is designed for new swimmers learning  basic skills, pool safety, and comfort in the water.

EEL: This advanced beginner level reinforces Pike skills. It is for children who are comfortable in the water and can swim independently with the help of a flotation device.

RAY: This class reviews and improves stroke skills on front, back and side, builds endurance and teaches treading water with rotary breathing. The children will need to be able to swim with their face in the water and not need a flotation device.

Program Fees: $60 or $30 for Y Members


Lessons for 6 Years old and older in order of progression

SwimLessons2 POLLIWOG: This is the beginning level for school-age children. Children become acquainted with the pool, basic swim skills, and water safety. Children can swim across the pool without assistance by the end of this level.

GUPPY: Children continue to practice and build upon basic skills. Paddle stroke becomes freestyle with rotary breathing and they are introduced to new strokes. Children swim the length of the pool without assistance by the end of this level.

MINNOW: Children no longer use a bubble during swim lessons. This class is the beginning of the children swimming in a lane instead of a small portion of the pool. Concentration is on the front crawl with coordinated freestyle and rotary breathing. The instructors will introduce breaststroke and symmetrical arms are introduced.

FISH: This class continues the stroke development of freestyle, back crawl and breaststroke. The children begin to learn the butterfly and flip turns with an emphasis on stroke refinement and building up endurance.



Program Fees: $60 or $30 for Y Members


Adult Swim Lessons


Adults can learn to swim at the Y too! Our staff can teach you the basics so you’re comfortable in the water, or help you refine your technique whatever your goals may be.  Individual or group lessons are available depending upon schedule, demand, and staff availability. Ask at the Welcome Center for more information.



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