Indoor Basketball Court

PRYMCA Indoor Basketball Court Rental Rules



  1. Basketball is played in Court #1 or #2
  2. Must sign out a basketball and then return to Welcome Center
  3. Anyone who will be in the court during the rental time period must sign their first and last name on the sign-in sheet at the Welcome Center
  4. Hanging on the rim, running up the walls to dunk, throwing the ball at the walls or ceiling is not allowed. You will be asked to leave the court immediately if you are participating in any of these rules
  5. Free for members/ Non-members must use punch card or a day pass

The Y is designed for the enjoyment and development of children of all ages. Programs for younger children are generally offered immediately following school, with bus
service being offered from SeDoMoCha Elementary School. It is our goal that children participate in activities that are age appropriate and safe, therefore we ask that
children are supervised based on the following guidelines:
10 & Under must be directly supervised by a parent/
guardian at all times unless a child is enrolled in a class or
childcare program. Children may be in the pool alone but
a parent/guardian must be on deck. Children ages 10 &
under are not allowed in the Fitness Center.
11-13 May use the basketball courts but a parent/guardian must be in the
14-18 May be unsupervised when at the facility