Child Care

At the Y, kids learn and thrive in a fun, healthy environment. We have programs to fit any age and any schedule. If you have any questions or need any more information, please call the Y at 564-7111 or email our Child Care Manager, Nicole Mozsgae at


YMCA Child Watch

Currently, we are not offering child watch.



Thank you

When the kids (ages 5 and up) are on break or there’s an unexpected snow day, the Y is the place to go! Every day of Camp is a new adventure – We’ll have time in the pool, lots of physical activity, games, crafts and special events. Pack a lunch and swim gear and we’ll provide healthy snacks and all the rest! And who knows, depending on the season, the kids may get a special visitor.


  1. Is there a projected date for child watch to resume? I love this service more than words can express! My child thrives in this highly social setting and I can get some ‘me’ time in on the stair master. I’d love to know more regarding why this is isn’t currently offered because I have seen many mothers work in the child watch while their own children are there. This kind of employment gets me excited, being with my child while caring for others is ideal! Anyways, please let me know the current status and future plans! Thanks


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