Water Wellness Class

This warm-water exercise program has been shown to reduce pain and improve overall health. It is designed for members with recent joint replacements, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other neuromuscular complications. Exercises focus on maintaining range of motion within the joints, muscle-strengthening, pain management and socialization activities. The support of the water aids in balance, circulation and increased flexibility. Each session provides a friendly and supportive environment that encourages social interaction. Although the classes are held in the water, swimming skills are not necessary. Join a class today and let’s feel better together!

Water Wellness program will help…                         Proven results…
– Reduce pain/inflammation                                            – Less pain
– Increase social interaction                                            – Improved joint function
– Improve strength/flexibility                                          – Increased muscular strength
– Enhance day to day living                                              – Overall sense of well-being
– Better quality of life
About the Program…
– Led by trained AEA program leader
– One-hour sessions offered 2 times per week
– Fun, safe and effective way to promote better health

6 Week Session on Monday’s & Wednesday’s from  11:00am to 12:00pm
$30 for Members/$60 for Nonmembers
Payment due at registration & mid-session sign-ups will be prorated

“This effective program is suitable for people with arthritis and
proven to reduce pain.”  – Arthritis Foundation
* Ask your doctor today for a prescription to join the Water Wellness class to reduce your pain and improve your overall health.


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