New Group Fitness Classes

Here is a list of the new fitness classes that will be coming to the Piscataquis Regional YMCA.

Static Stretch: 30 mins (Thursday’s starting November 8th at 9:30am)                                Static stretching is a technique used by holding stretches to lengthen muscles.  In this class we will do a total body stretch that will not only leave you feeling relaxed but also increase your flexibility.  Stretching the muscles will help to prevent injury during physical exercise and during daily routines.  The stretches may also aid in preventing muscle soreness after a work out.  Although you do not need to be flexible for this class, we will be getting down on mats on the floor in addition to standing stretches.  This class is ideal for those that want to increase flexibility.  It is best to come into the class with warm muscles ready to stretch.  

Boot Camp: 45 mins (Monday’s starting November 5th at 6:00pm)
 Boot Camp is an interval style work out with numerous stations of alternating muscle group focus. It is a personal pace style workout of 1 min intervals until all stations are complete, followed by a 1 min rest break, then it is started over again. Depending on the number of participates Boot Camp can be 2-3 rounds with a short warm up and cool down. Basic equipment is used, ex: step, dumb bells, weighted bar, along with no equipment for floor exercises and aerobic activities such as running in place and burpees. All activities can be modified for different levels of fitness.
Guts, Guns & Buns: 45 mins (Tuesday’s starting November 6th at 5:15am)
 Guts, Guns & Buns is appropriate for all fitness levels. It consists of stretching, cardio, resistance exercises, static and dynamic activities and agility. It is instructor driven but all exercises are able to be modified. This is a great class for a muscle group specific workout that also improves your cardio endurance. It is a quick workout first thing in the morning that will leave you feeling awake and strong for your day!

Women on Weights (WOW) (Monday’s & Wednesday’s starting January 7 at 5:15pm) This is a program geared towards women looking to learn about strength training and techniques to safely increase muscle tone while increasing their metabolism, strength and overall tone to achieve a leaner physique and overall better physical fitness. This 6 week program has a fee of $60 or $30 for Y members (online registration link is below) & is designed to provide a guided workout plan through different machines from our Fitness Center, free weights and body weight with the goal of an improved physique but also to provide the women with knowledge and confidence to continue with their strength and
resistance training in our fitness center after the program is completed. WOW consists of 45 minutes 1-2 sessions a week of instructed strength training with new workout plans each week. Each workout will consist of super sets (2 exercises of the same/opposite muscle group) with 30 second rest after each super set, and moving on to the next super set. Each super set consists of 8-15 reps x3 sets.  As the weeks go on, balance is incorporated along with more open chain exercises (free weights versus machines or body weights) to achieve an overall improved functional mobility while strength training.

Online registration form for WOW class:

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