PRYMCA Food Donation Bin

The Piscataquis Regional YMCA is a food donation site for the Dover Foxcroft Association Food Cupboard (DFAFC). There is a donation bin by the Welcome Center at the front of the building to donate and all donated food is delivered to the DFAFC. The PRYMCA wants to thank you for any donations. All types of foods are accepted and here is a list of the foods that are donated the most:


  1. Thank you for the question. The PRYMCA’s food bin goes to the Dover-Foxcroft Food Cupboard due to it being located in Dover-Foxcroft. The food pantry’s in surrounding towns have their own food bins around their town that they collect from. As for the Healthy Piscataquis Project, I will pass your question onto our staff who oversee that project. Thank you


    • Hello Art:

      Thank you for your questions about the Y’s food donation box and the activities of Piscataquis Healthy Food for All. I am happy to respond.

      The mission of Piscataquis Healthy Food for All is to help people all around the county get better access to healthy food. While much of our work does take place in Dover-Foxcroft, we’re also active in many other towns. Right now, for example, we’re working to help create free summer meal sites in Milo, Brownville, Guilford, Monson, and Greenville, as well as here in D-F. Likewise, last year we piloted a project called Farm Share for HomeBound Seniors. FSHS helps adults 60 years and older who can’t leave their homes get free produce each summer from in Milo and Sangerville. The seniors who signed up last year were from Guilford, Milo, Brownville and Dover-Foxcroft. This summer, we will serve customers in all those towns as well as Parkman and Greenville. We hope to reach folks in even more parts of the county as the program continues to grow.

      The food donation box at the Y is, indeed, there to collect food for the Dover-Foxcroft Area Food Cupboard. What you might not know is that the DFAFC provides food not just to the hungry in Dover-Foxcroft but also to residents of Sebec, Sangerville, Atkinson, Garland, and Bowerbank. In fact, most of the cupboards in Piscataquis serve multiple towns. The reason the Y doesn’t collect food for all the cupboards in Piscataquis is really because of logistics. We live in a very big county! No one organization alone can serve all the people in need but collectively we can make a pretty large impact. Every donation makes a difference and we are grateful for the support of everyone who contributes.

      Thanks again for your inquiry. I hope my answers have been helpful.

      Erin Callaway, Coordinator
      Piscataquis Healthy Food for All


      • Thank you. I’ll ask my sister to contact you directly. She was turned away empty handed from the Dover food cupboard when the new people took over. I live away now but always donated in gratitude for their help. I just talked to her new food cupboard but they don’t know anything about all these programs you mention.

        Again, thank you.


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